Same as Me

Same as Me
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We were driving to Clayton’s to drop off some guys, and when we had done that, we waited for others to come in. We picked up a couple girls, and a couple guys who were separate parties. As soon as the Randy and John got in, they felt like they were in the wrong. They were feeling serious condemnation. You could see it in their eyes. I thought it would be a general, “share Jesus and be done” situation, but God had another thing up His sleeve.

Quickly, it became clear that these guys were Christians already. John, had a pastor dad, and his parents had even been missionaries. Randy had heard the gospel and accepted it because of the witnessing of John. Still the conviction and condemnation poured on their heads.

I have dealt with depression and heavy condemnation in my life. John was shamefaced and was banging his head against the seat in front of him. I SAW ME. He couldn’t hear my words that he shouldn’t feel condemned. I SAW ME. He gave a number, three out of four times that he was asked to go to a party, he’d say yes. I SAW ME. I have never partied, but I made it clear that my sins were as bad (if not as visible) as his.

Jesus spoke through me. Now John and Randy are on their way back to Brownsville in a taxi, looking forward to their beds (and not their hangovers). The location they asked to be taken to would have been another party, but they had been so strongly convicted, that they couldn’t go. A fellow team member was able to help me guide them through the serious, deep theological foundations for us sharing.

Imagine, you are on a road. There is a car called death steaming rolling down it toward you. You have no idea what it is, until it’s almost too late. You know it’s there. Sin is the action of looking at the headlights until it hits. A heroic bystander is waiting on the side of the road and beckoning you to take His hand. He is Jesus. When you take His hand, He saves you. What I needed to get across to these guys was the fact that condemnation is like believing that if you stepped back onto the road and put yourself in the way of the car again, that Hero would not want to pull you off again. BUT JESUS ALWAYS will pull us out of our sin. And He also calls us to call out to the millions of other people standing in the road. They are our mission, and that is why I am here.

God saved me and I’m happy to pull my brothers off the road.

– Student from Amarillo College

**Names have been changed due to security reasons

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